September 12, 2009 by

Hey! Today Mommy and I baked. It was fun. Tommorow, my Aunt and Uncles are coming over to our house and I thought i would make something for them. We made brownies and pretzel sticks with icing. First we did the brownies. First we mixed all of the ingredients together. Such as 2 eggs, Veggie oil and water. Then we mixed it all together and put it in the oven. While they were baking we got out the pretzels. We dipped them in icing then put sprinkles on it. We did that 24 times! By the time we finished the brownies were finished. I put 3 M&M’s on them. I put red on the top then yellow right below that on the brownie then a green one. It looked like a stoplight! They look really yummy. Well, i’m gonna go eat one. Bye!


High School Musical 2

August 8, 2009 by

Hey! Guess what? I’m going to the Weinburg Center! Well, 2 weeks ago, I went to Musical Theater Camp and we are doing High School Musical 2. I got the part of Martha Cox. She is a bookworm and a hip-hop dancer. I also get some solos! And I get a bunch of lines! I am so excited! I can’t wait! We are practicing all next week and Saturday August 15, 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm is the show. I am not sure how long it is. You can buy tickets here: . BTW, It is in Fredrick Maryland. I hope to see you there! Well, I’ve got to go study my lines. Bye!!


Hershey Park!

July 26, 2009 by

The VortexHey guys! Yesterday I went to Hershey Park. It was so much fun! We went on a tram first and then we had to run to the Board walk to get a locker before they sold out. After that, we walked around and we played wack ‘a’ mole. Then we played that game where you shoot water in the hole. After that, we went on the monorail. I could see the whole park! Then me and Daddy went to the bumper cars. I got to drive!  Next, we ran to Zoo America to see a sea lion show. That was really cute 🙂 While we were there we looked at the animals such as owls, black bears and deer. There was also 2 otters there!!!! I just wanted to go in their pen, and snuggle with them! After Zoo America we went to our locker and changed into our swim suits [They were under our clothes.] Then we went to the lazy river. All you do is sit in your tube, and float. But there was a long line. After the lazy river me and daddy went to the vortex. (See the picture above.) There was a HUGE line. Finally we reached the top. First it was pitch black  down the tube. Then you spin around a bunch of times then fall out. After that we changed in the changing rooms and we went on the chocolate tour and then the hotel. That was our day at Hershey Park. The end!



June 26, 2009 by

Hey everyone! Just got back from Jr.NyLC. What’s Jr.NYLC you ask? It’s Junior National Young Leaders Conference. Jr.NYLC for short. At Jr.NYLC I made a lot of friends. We had little conferences about leadership. On Saturday  we had conferences all day then we went to bed (we slept at this hotel sort of thing). I had three other roommates. One was from Hawaii! I had a lot of fun. On Sunday we had a few conferences in the morning and then went to the Newseum. There was a lot of cool stuff there such as the Berlin wall and newspapers and s0me statues about 911. Then we went back to where we were staying and had a few more conferences and went to bed at 10:00 (Ok, at 10:00 we had security check and then at 10:30 we went to bed). On Monday we had more c0nferences and went to Harpers Ferry and learned about John Brown. He wanted to have a war to free the slaves. His plan didn’t work out too well! Then we went back to where we were staying and had more conferences, and went  to bed at 10:30.  Then Tuesday we had more meetings before and after : Lunch at Buca di Beppo, American  History Musuem, & White House photo opportunity. Guess what? We couldn’t go past the fence to take pictures. And it wasn’t because the president (but some of the people who zoomed in with our cameras got a picture of Barack Obama on the White House balcony). THE JONAS BROTHERS WHERE AT THE WHITE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!! I really wish I could have gone past that stupid fence 😦 Wednesday we had  9 conferences at the 4-H center (that was where we were staying) Then we left on buses at 3:20 PM.  First we ate dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. Then we had a sleepover at the Maryland Science Center! I slept in the planetarium. On the first level we had interactive sciencey things (LOL! Sciencey things 🙂 ).  On the 2nd level we had the human body and a bunch of planet facts. Thats where I slept. On the third level there was LIVE bay animals!!!! There were crabs and 2 turtles. They were so cute! At 11:30 we all went to bed. On Thursday parents picked us up at the 4-H center. And that was my trip! Ok now a whole different story: When I got home from the Jr.NYLC I was really tired and took a 3hr nap. When I woke up I heard really loud Michael Jackson music. Then when my mom turned on the TV the news was on. It said Michael Jackson died. He died of a heart attack. If you are reading this blog at 11:43 AM on Friday the 26th in June and you want to find more turn on your TV and watch any news channels such at CNN. Go on twitter and get the symbol from @mmsmusicforlife and put it on your twitter account. It will be in favs. Thank you. Goodbye everyone.



I’m out!

June 11, 2009 by

Hey people! The other day was my last day of school. I’m going into 6th grade! Can u believe it?! It’s awesome!!! 😀  If u don’t know what 😀 means, look at it sideways! You will have a smiley face :D. Same with the others. like, 🙂 😦 and :D. It’s fun! Well next Friday the 19 i am having a class pool party. I can’t wait!! Hope you guys have an awesome summer. Bye for now!     


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June 3, 2009 by

Hello my peeps! Guess what? Ok: The other day my dad was on his way to get some food picked up from “the club”. I was watching some TV when my dad yelled: ” MaryMargaret wanna come see a snake?” And of course I said yes. It was brown with diamonds on the back. My dad told me should go call my friend John (one of the heroes) if he would like the snake. So Ms. Terri (his mom) didn’t want the snake but she would help us get it out of our garage. So she came over. But she thought it was a Copperhead [which are poisonous! 😮 ) But my dad went on the computer and looked at some pictures of Copperheads. Luckily, it wasn’t a Copperhead. We don’t know what kind of snake it was. So we got this old purple bag and we tried to put the snake in the bag. So then the snake slithered in the purple bag. Me and my dad walked a bit to drop off the snake. So then finally the snake went out. I tried to snap a picture of the snake but it was too fast. The snake didn’t do any harm to the bag like, rip or tear anything [ but… it did pee!]. Then I ran home 🙂

MaryMargaret O.    😀

Cooking Mama and Vacation

May 13, 2009 by

Hey everyone! Sup?? Anyone miss me? I knew you would! Anyway today I got a DS game called ‘Cooking Mama’. You get to cook over 76 real dishes on your DS. Your touch pen is your key! It’s a lot of fun. Right now my DS is charging, so later I will be able to play with it when it is done charging. I can’t wait!! And also May 24-31 I am going on vacation. It’s the Outer Banks. I will have to miss 1 week of school, so that means I have to do some homework. But i’ll ask my teachers if I can stay in and do my homework. But, otherwise I can’t wait!!!!! Yay!! We are renting a car and Charlie and Lily are coming with us. Someone is taking care of Boots, our cat. Also I got a loft bed! I sleep on the top bunk. It has shelves, a desk, drawers and, a top bunk. I luv it! My room theme is the sky. I wish you could see it! Well my mind is going blank so bye!


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Hey ppl! I have 2 things to talk about. #1: On Tuesday on Twitter I am going to join a GNO night. The group is call Mom it forward. It is 9pm-11pm. Me and daddy are going to be tweeting about KAH and having fun! Join and join now! Also follow @mmsmusicforlife and @kidsareheroes while you are there! #2:  Wednesday is Earth day! Plant a tree or something! What I’m going to do is turn off all my light in my house for 15 minutes!  Happy earth day! Bye! Luv u!


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MM here. I want to talk about Twitter today. Twitter is a website where you have a profile and you tweet whatever you like. It’s a lot of fun! My dad and I have twitterthons every Friday 8 to 10. Twitterthons are when you send out songs like The Rolling Stones to High School Musical. We call it a “radio station”. Daddy also does fun facts and trivia. At the end we have an “after party”. It’s kinda like American Idol but without the singing. It’s just live on our webcam. So come at 9:30 for that!!! Last night at the Twitterthon one of my friends was there.[Bela] She is @BelaBuster on Twitter. She’s awesome! She just joined. We told her about Twitter and she thought it was really cool. We do this for fun and for some money for my Music for Life! program. Not much please! So come out and go to to join! Cool kids go to MMsMusicforLife. And old dudes go to KidsAreHeroes. Trust me it’s a blast of fun!!!! And cat lovers go to BootsMeow. She’s the best! And she’s famous… The president is following Boots![She’s our cat.] So again go to ! Check it out! Bye 4 now…!   

More Webkinz and Stuff

March 6, 2009 by

Hey people! What’s up? Really? Same! LOL! Anyway like this font? It’s comic! I also like this color.Has anyone been on Webkinz lately? Well then go on today! If you don’t have an account go to Hallmark or something and buy a Webkinz. It’s not that much. Then go on! Type in your code and there you go! And if you want to go on Club Penguin just go on! If you want to be a member you have to pay money.Otherwise, it’s free! Try it out! What else do I have to say.Oh! Some people had some snow on Monday. It’s ok if you didn’t.Well today it was really warm! A little chilly but still. Tomorrow my friend and I are supposed to go tubing but we heard it is going to be 70 degrees! So now we are going somewhere else. Has anyone been to the Germantown inside water park?Well about 2 years ago [counting 2008] my friend had a birthday party there. So that’s where we are going tomorrow. Catholic schools didn’t have school today.And I go to a Catholic school! Well everyone go on twitter tonight @ 8:00. Just go on, follow @MMsMusicForLife and join the fun! Well, I am going to go outside right now. Cya! Buh Bye!